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Individual Cremation Service

The Wheelhouse Veterinary Centre offers a bespoke individual cremation service on-site at our Chesham surgery, to ensure your pet receives the best after care possible. All our individual cremations are carried out by fully trained staff to ensure that the ashes which are returned belong to your pet. This is the Wheelhouse Guarantee.

Individual cremations can take up to two weeks depending on the type of casket you would like your pet returned in. Your pet will be cremated and their ashes returned in a cardboard scatter box unless you request a casket or urn. There are several different caskets and urns that can be supplied by the practice depending on your requirements. Plaques and memorials are also available on request. If it is your wish to supply us with a special casket or urn, then we are happy to transfer the ashes here for you.

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Cost of individual cremation

  • Cat: £175
  • Rabbit: £145
  • Small Mammal: £145
  • Dog <20kg: £210
  • Dog >20kg £285

Solid oak caskets 

  • Medium: £58
  • Large: £65

Pet keepsake box

  • Small: £30
  • Medium: £34
  • Large: £36

Sleeping cat casket

  • £50

Scatter tubes

  • Size 1: £10.50
  • Size 2: £12
  • Size 3: £13
  • Size 5: £18