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Wheelhouse Senior Pet Screening Programme


There have been reports circling all over the UK of a new strain of RVHD  being in existence known as RVHD2.  Recently we have sadly had two confirmed cases of this in pet rabbits seen at The Wheelhouse which very sadly proved fatal.


What is parvovirus?

Parvovirus is a small virus that attacks young dogs and infects their intestine. It destroys the  cells that line the intestinal lumen and causes vomiting and very severe diarrhoea that is often bloody. Large numbers of  virus particles are shed in the  faeces of infected dogs and may infect pups, especially those that have not been vaccinated or have not completed their  vaccine course.


Just like cats, fleas and ticks like to hide in all sorts of sneaky places.

Based on our clients and our veterinary teams feedback, we are changing to a product that not only kills fleas in half the time of the current treatment recommended- but it also lasts 3 times longer than monthly treatments! Meaning less frequent treatment, less stress and less hassle!

  • Immediate & persistent flea speed of kill: within 12 hours for the full 12 weeks
  • Immediate and persistent tick speed of kill: within 48 hours for the full 12 weeks
  • Twist 'n' use pipette - lid doesn't come off
  • Coincides with quarterly worming treatment
  • 4 treatments per year rather than 12
  • Buy 3 get 4th treatment FREE reward card