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Just like cats, fleas and ticks like to hide in all sorts of sneaky places.

Based on our clients and our veterinary teams feedback, we are changing to a product that not only kills fleas in half the time of the current treatment recommended- but it also lasts 3 times longer than monthly treatments! Meaning less frequent treatment, less stress and less hassle!

  • Immediate & persistent flea speed of kill: within 12 hours for the full 12 weeks
  • Immediate and persistent tick speed of kill: within 48 hours for the full 12 weeks
  • Twist 'n' use pipette - lid doesn't come off
  • Coincides with quarterly worming treatment
  • 4 treatments per year rather than 12
  • Buy 3 get 4th treatment FREE reward card


Fleas and Ticks Blog by Chris Packham - Why Scratchy never needs to scratch

May is Tick Awareness Month and we are supporting TV presenter Chris Packham’s campaign to highlight to pet owners the risks from tick-borne disease and the need for tick control measures

Summer is just around the corner and we are all loving the opportunity to spend more time outside with our pets. May is Tick Awareness Month and as you look forward to enjoying some long lazy days and dog walks, we want to talk about steps you need to take to protect your dogs against the risk of ticks and tick-borne disease.

Tick Awareness Month Newsletter