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Dog Training School

Welcome to The Wheelhouse Vets Dog Training School

In June 2013 we officially started running our very own Wheelhouse Vets Dog Training School, which is held at our Chalfont St Giles surgery, in our paddock behind the practice. The school is run by Laura Ward who runs classes alongside trainer Maggie Yates. Agility is run by Anna Rayne who is one of our qualified veterinary nurses:

  • Laura Ward has a particular interest in animal behaviour and has achieved a BSc(Hons) in Applied Animal Behaviour. She is also a provisional member of the The Canine Behaviour and Training Society and the Association of Pet Behaviour Counselors, and an Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) approved instructor (01184).
  • Anna Rayne is an Agility Club Approved Instructor and competes regularly with her Border Terrier, Isla. She aims to do the same with her other dog, Sprite, who is a Working Sheepdog.
  • Maggie Yates is a Full Member Association of Pet Dog Trainers (01337) which means she has met their academic and practical standards and follows their code of conduct of 'kind, fair and effective training' methods. She has over thirty years’ experience working with dogs and runs a successful grooming and boarding business. Maggie runs some of the puppy, intermediate and advanced classes and can also do 121 training.

For regular updates on what's going on at the training school, please visit The Wheelhouse Dog Training School on Facebook

Dog Training Classes

A dog at our training school

121 Training Sessions

If your dog/puppy has specific behavioural issues, or doesn't cope well in a group environment, you may prefer 121 training sessions. These can be carried out at your own home or another location, depending on the aims of the session.

Laura is used to dealing with issues like jumping up, mouthing, recall and pulling on the lead. Please email or contact her on 07931 566921 to for advice or to arrange a training session.

Dog Agility

Agility has arrived at the Wheelhouse Dog Training School! It has been a very exciting project and we are thrilled to announce that we are now fully equipped and classes are underway.

Dog agility is a fun event in which the dog owner directs their dog around an assault course containing a variety of obstacles and challenges. Whether you are interested in coming along as a newcomer, or you already have agility experience, please email


How to settle your dog on cue:

This is a dog training video focusing on toy play in dogs by Laura Ward from Animal minds alike training and behaviour.


The Chalfont St Giles surgery is next to the double mini roundabouts on London Road, opposite the Citroen garage.

Please park in the car park and then head straight to the garden via the first gate on your left (walking towards the surgery).

Please wait on the right hand side of the garden so any dogs that are already in the paddock have room to leave without feeling crowded. I will call you through into the paddock once the previsou class has left.